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Reinforcing Bars

Reinforcing bars (also called “rebar”) are ribbed steel rods that reinforce concrete structures by acting like a “skeleton” around which the concrete is set or fixed. Such reinforcement is necessary because unreinforced concrete has low tensile strength and will collapse under the structural strain


Similar to rebar, the reinforcing mesh is fixed in concrete to provide the necessary tensile strength to support large structural loads. However, unlike reinforcing bars, the mesh can be used to shape structures whilst also supporting them. We manufacture reinforcing mesh from hard-drawn wire and deformed cold-rolled wire.

Custom Products

Customization is the key here at Ontario Reinforcing bars. Recognizing that our people are our advantage, we will continue to build on this strength by maintaining an environment in which they can excel and innovate to deliver outstanding benefits to the building and construction industry.

About Us

We supply and install concrete reinforcing steel rebar and reinforcement mesh to local builders, concreters, and DIY enthusiasts.

Over the years, Ontario Rebars has continued to work towards our commitment to quality, health, and safety for our staff and providing our customers with a high level of customer service.
Our customers range from large government agencies and international property developers right through to the concreters. Our highly experienced team uses their vast industry knowledge to provide all of our customers with all the specialized support and assistance they require, ensuring the job gets done with minimum fuss. We also stock a large range of hardware and accessory items for all aspects of the concrete reinforcing and associated construction industries. We also have excellent relationships with many other suppliers and are agents for an even wider range of products on-demand.

Collective Experience

Our team’s collective experience totals many hundreds of years, comprised of the best people in their fields who have been hand-picked from our industry.

Professional Team

Our professional theme, superior service and ability to communicate at all levels has contributed to our steady growth over the years in the local area.


To think beyond reinforcing steel has also contributed to Ontario Rebars establishing many unique partnerships with leading local builders.


We can estimate your reinforcing requirements for any project once your engineering design is available for construction.


We offer our clients “lump-sum”

solutions when possible to assure confidence in their tender



We provide a professional scheduling service that takes reinforced bars from engineering drawings, ready for manufacturing and delivery to site.

Our Work


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Keeping ahead of COVID-19

ONTARIOREBARS INC. continues to monitor the COVID-19 developments. We are committed to the safety of employees, customers and vendors/suppliers as we steer the developing dynamics surrounding the spread of COVID-19. We are actively working to address operating arrangements and safe working conditions. We have empowered our Management Department to ensure all information is distributed to our valued Customers and Vendors/Suppliers, so that changes are implemented efficiently and effectively. We have taken active steps to enhance our cleaning procedures and provide training on hygiene practices along with social distancing. We will continue to provide our operations with the additional resources and support required to deal with this evolving issue. Currently, our location has been experiencing business interruptions however we continue to provide the communicative support to be able to maintain some business steadiness. This situation remains extremely smooth. We will continue to monitor the impact of COVID-19 on the areas where we operate and adjust our plans as suitable. All of us here are committed to work with our business partners and to serve you during this difficult time. PLEASE REACH OUT TO OUR OFFICE VIA EMAIL ONLY TO: INFO@ONTARIOREBARS.CA AND ORDERS@ONTARIOREBARS.CA and we will assist in the best possible manner. We appreciate the business relationship we share with each of you and will continue to communicate with you as COVID-19 unfolds. We sincerely hope you and your families remain healthy. Stay safe, Sonia Mardan Director