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Preassembled Rebar Fabricator

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Over the years of providing fabricated rebar to customers up and down the West Coast, Ontariorebars has become known for its speed and quality fabrication. Rebar fabricators sometimes referred to as reinforcing steel fabricators, will often dictate to the customer when their orders will be ready. What separates us from our competition is Ontariorebar’s dedication to getting your job done when you need it done. What we’ve done in the rebar fabrication arena—turning orders around in hours not days, we are now doing in the pre-assembled rebar market. Call us today to see why our preassembled rebar or reinforcing steel fabricators can make a difference in your next project.

Keeping ahead of COVID-19

ONTARIOREBARS INC. continues to monitor the COVID-19 developments. We are committed to the safety of employees, customers and vendors/suppliers as we steer the developing dynamics surrounding the spread of COVID-19. We are actively working to address operating arrangements and safe working conditions. We have empowered our Management Department to ensure all information is distributed to our valued Customers and Vendors/Suppliers, so that changes are implemented efficiently and effectively. We have taken active steps to enhance our cleaning procedures and provide training on hygiene practices along with social distancing. We will continue to provide our operations with the additional resources and support required to deal with this evolving issue. Currently, our location has been experiencing business interruptions however we continue to provide the communicative support to be able to maintain some business steadiness. This situation remains extremely smooth. We will continue to monitor the impact of COVID-19 on the areas where we operate and adjust our plans as suitable. All of us here are committed to work with our business partners and to serve you during this difficult time. PLEASE REACH OUT TO OUR OFFICE VIA EMAIL ONLY TO: INFO@ONTARIOREBARS.CA AND ORDERS@ONTARIOREBARS.CA and we will assist in the best possible manner. We appreciate the business relationship we share with each of you and will continue to communicate with you as COVID-19 unfolds. We sincerely hope you and your families remain healthy. Stay safe, Sonia Mardan Director